Ankara Nobel Medical Bookstores were founded in 2012 by Mehmet Ali Karaca. It brings all services and solutions related to the printing and publication of medical books together with its readers under one roof at Ankara Center, Ankara Branch,  Istanbul Kadıköy Branch and İstanbul ÇAPA Branch.

Ankara Nobel supports researchers, learners, universities, and corporations to achieve their goals in an ever-changing world. For ten years, we have been helping people and organizations develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. We develop digital education, learning, assessment, and certification solutions to help universities, businesses, and individuals move between education and employment and achieve their ambitions. By partnering with learned societies, we support researchers to communicate discoveries that make a difference.


     Our mission has always focused on helping our customers succeed, wherever they are in their education and professional careers. As the biggest Medical Bookstore of Turkey, we aim to transmit the best quality to our customers.


Perfection: Being aware of the seriousness of the work we do, we take our strength from our experience, closely follow the developments in our field, adapt with the highest motivation, and work with perfection to offer the right resources in the most accurate way to our relevant portfolios, we offer excellent works.

Respect for Time: Being aware that the time of our writers and editors, our customers, our suppliers, and all our internal and external stakeholders is valuable, we determine the business processes in a way that will offer the best job in the shortest time.

Change and Development: We are looking for innovations that will contribute to our customers  in print and publication, as well as in sales and marketing. We do this quest with our team of competent individuals who are experts in their fields, solution-oriented, creative and prudent.

Responsibility Awareness: We are aware of the responsibility of the work we do and undertake! We know that thousands will develop with the works we publish. For this reason, we always focus on the future, with the fact that negativities are a stepping stone, always striving for the best results, by taking the initiative of each of our employees in their work duties and authorities when necessary. We fully undertake the business, process and results, both as a company and as individuals.

Team Spirit: We know that unity and harmony create flawlessness in both business and processes. We try to keep our motivation high first as an individual and then as a team, we respect our differences and apply every cooperation and discipline necessary for team development. We strive to produce synchronized and accurate results at every step, from individual to team.